The Great Sake Bomb Review

The Great Sake Bomb Review
Consumers no longer want just some food in a restaurant. They are also looking for memorable takeaways from their visit. Tokyo Delve’s has it all. It currently serves one of the best sushi in California. Tokyo Delve’s doesn’t serve just dishes, it serves an experience. The food and show go together here and the staff does not let you leave until you have had a really good time. Every staff member of the restaurant is nice and the place is absolutely fun. The music and the DJ are great and there is loads of dancing and games.
The bathrooms are spick and span – maintained, clean all the time. With amazing food, valid street parking and excellent service, this is the place to be with family and friends. Most Tokyo Delve’s fans recommend celebrating here in groups, whether it is a birthday party or a graduation party or if you just want to have a drink.
The Sake Bomb: At Tokyo Delve’s Sake Bombing is quite a ritual. It is also one of the most popular methods of drinking sake. A beer cocktail, where sake is poured into a shot glass and dropped into a glass of beer, the small cup of sake is balanced on two parallel chopsticks placed over the glass of beer. Sake bombing was started by the American soldiers during World War II and still remains a tradition. Tokyo Delve’s offers you an unrivaled sake bomb experience. We let members bang on the table hard enough to dislodge the shot glass to fall into the beer glass. Watch the shot glass descend into the beer and shout “Kanpai” (Cheers in Japanese) and drink the cocktail without removing the shot glass out. Get the ultimate sake bombing fun only at Tokyo Delve’s where it is done in style.

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