Celebrate your Special Occsions here!
Birthdays, Anniversary, Bachelorette Party, Divorce Party and More!!!

Set Menu

Optional set menu 15 people or more

Tokyo Delves Sushi Bar is the perfect spot to host your Party.

$30.00 per person.

Drinks, tax and gratuity not included.


1. Garlic Edamame
2. Gyoza (Beef Dumplings)
3. Garlic Chicken
4. Beef Teriyaki
5. Shrimp Tempura

You also get Platters with…

1. Sushi
2. Fresh Rolls
3. Baked Rolls
4. Cooked Rolls

On the day of the event, We may substitute any food from this list. Every 4 Guest will Share 1 Sushi Platter and 1 of each appetizer.
This is a sample menu.

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