New Year Party at Tokyo Delve’s

New Year Party at Tokyo Delve’s
It’s never too late to plan your New Year Party. Celebrate the ‘zero hours’ at North Hollywood’s famous Sushi bar – Tokyo Delve’s. For reservations call us at 818-766-3868.
We know that there that many restaurants are closed on New Year’s Eve. But not Tokyo Delve’s. Every year, we are an exception. We are ready to party with our guests on New Year. There are specialized menus, champagne toasts, dancing and of course a very special line-up of live bands. You can find them all through December 31 at our restaurant. We cover a variety of sushi delicacies exotic as well as regular.
Take a glimpse of what we have to offer on the menu:
Sake Cocktails:
Tsunami Blue Hawaiian: Prepared with a combination of rum, Curacao, pineapple juice, sweet-sour mix and vodka the drink is a beautiful blue color that comes with an orange-flavored liqueur.
Musashi or lemon cocktail: This is a vodka-based cocktail that contains lemon and has a sweet-sour flavor. It also contains triple-sec, simple syrup and is considered as a variant of the vodka martini.
Cabernet Sauvignon: Priced at just about $8.00 the Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most favored and popular red wines that come with a bold taste. Prepared from a breeding between the Cabernet Franc and the white Sauvignon grape plants, the wine emerges as a red grape variety that is full-bodied and has medium-level acidity.
Chardonnay White wine: Again another popular wine, this was originally formulated in Burgundy, France and was even known as White Burgundy. We serve the Chardonnay, which is elegant, light and zesty.
Beef Kushiyaki: This is a fairly sophisticated dish prepared with skewered beef and contains some real bold Asian flavors. This perfectly-made dish is grilled over an open flame with some vegetables too.
Shrimp Tempura: Made from cooked shrimp (with tails removed), avocado, sushi rice, a sheet of nori and cucumber this appetizer is delicious and a wonderful addition to any party!
The above is only the tip of the iceberg. Tokyo Delve’s has a lot more to offer you for your New Year Party. We have tasty party main courses laid out just for you. Make your reservations today!
Disclaimer: Prices and menus may vary. Call us for actuals.