Planning The Perfect Christmas Party!!

Planning The Perfect Christmas Party!!

There is no wonderful party like a Christmas party. Celebrate this happiest party at Tokyo Delve’s with friends and family in a lovely atmosphere. At Tokyo Delves Sushi Restaurant, plan your Christmas party according to your wishes. It will become an unforgettable experience in the most delicious way.

Join us at Tokyo Delve’s which is one of the best hotels in North Hollywood CA to celebrate your most memorable Christmas party!!

Whatever your preference, we can offer casino equipment, magicians, light shows, bands, DJ’s, flair barmen, ice luges and more!

We will arrange a perfect festive atmosphere with the combination of festive ambiance, unique dining spaces, and personalized service for you. Let our team create an unforgettable evening at Tokyo Delve’s !!!

Choose your favorite dish from our menu based upon your preference!! Make your colleagues, family, and friends happy by most sophisticated Christmas celebration at our bar. We will organize a Christmas party with unlimited beverage packages and delicious foods.

For more information call us @ 1-661-869-5168 (or) email us @

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and good luck!