Valentine’s Day at Tokyo Delve’s

Valentine’s Day at Tokyo Delve’s

Tokyo Delve’s never ceased to amaze its customers. Book your table for you and your partner for a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner at our restaurant and get ready for a memorable experience.

Across the United States and other parts of the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by loved ones by exchanging gifts such as candy, flowers, etc. Research indicates that approximately 150 million cards are exchanged every year on Valentine’s Day, making it the second-most-popular holiday for cards.

Typically, February the 14th each year is considered as a festival of romance and love. While gifts are exchanged, many of them choose to have a romantic dinner at the finest restaurants. The occasion is also used by someone who would like to get into a romantic relationship with another and takes the opportunity to express their intent. Valentine’s Day cards usually come decorated with red roses, hearts, and cupids. Some common gifts on that day would include chocolates, flowers, sparkling wine, jewelry, etc.

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It was sometime in the 14th century when the tradition of courtship and love flourished that the day became associated with romantic love. Flowers, confectionary and greeting cards were presented by lovers to express their love for one another. These greeting cards were known as “valentines”. The Saint Valentine’s Key is considered as a romantic symbol, representing the unlocking of a lover’s heart. Greeting cards for that particular day have been in mass production since the 19th century. While there are many traditions and histories prevalent, the earliest mention of February 14th as a celebration of love appears in a charter issued by Charles VI of France sometime in 1400.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your partner at Tokyo Delve’s.